Membership Terms & Conditions


Membership Terms & Conditions

These Membership Terms were last updated on 30 March 2021.


Overview: These membership terms and conditions (Membership Terms) explain the terms and conditions that apply to your Supie, Supie+ or Foundation membership (Membership).  Membership is also subject to our Privacy Policy  We’re delighted that you have joined us as a Member of Supie.  If you have any questions, please contact 

Eligible Members: To be eligible for Membership:

• your nominated delivery address must be within the Supie delivery zone (as published on our website);

• you must be located in New Zealand and aged 18 and over; and

• your Membership must not have been terminated by us in the past due to your breach of these Membership Terms. 

We reserve the right to refuse a Membership application if, in our reasonable opinion, you are not an eligible Member.  Membership is not transferable and can only be used by the person who completed the registration for Membership. 

Acceptance of these Membership Terms: Please make sure you have read these Membership Terms carefully before you register for a Membership.  By registering for a Membership, you agree to and accept these Membership Terms.

Fair use by New Zealand consumers only:  Membership can only be used for personal, household or office use in New Zealand.  Membership covers unlimited deliveries of reasonable quantities for the duration of your Membership. You must not use your Membership to purchase products for commercial or re-sale purposes.  Your Membership should not be used improperly. For example, using your Membership for multiple deliveries to one address on a single day, or frequently changing your nominated delivery address, would be considered improper use.

Supie Membership Options and Benefits

Membership options: As detailed in this section 2 and section 3, Supie users have the option of registering for:

• Supie Membership;

• Supie+ Membership; or

• Foundation Membership.

Limited number of Memberships: Please note that there are a limited number of Supie, Supie+ and Foundation Memberships available for registration or purchase.

Supie Membership: You can register for Supie Membership by following the directions on our website, at no cost.  Supie Members receive the following benefits:

• access to purchasing products on the Supie website (to purchase products on the Supie website you must have a current Supie Membership); and

• access to weekly and monthly promotions.

Please note that, if you have a Supie Membership, a delivery fee applies (as published on the Supie website).

Supie+ Membership: You can register for Supie+ Membership by following the directions on our website and paying the annual fee for a Supie+ Membership (Supie+ Membership Fee) published on our website. Supie+ Members receive the following benefits:

• access to purchasing products on the Supie website;

• free delivery on orders over $70.00; and

• donate or receive cash-back Supie credits (Supie Credits) in accordance with section 3.3,

(together, the Supie+ Membership Benefits).

Supie may offer other additional benefits from time to time for Supie+ Members.

Additional Benefits (Supie+ Members and Foundation Members): In addition to the benefits provided at section 2.4, subject to availability, Supie+ Members and Foundation Members may be eligible for the following additional benefits:

• priority delivery slots (as published on the Supie website);

• access to weekly and monthly promotions (as published on the Supie website)

• free product samples added to your order (available at Supie’s discretion),

(together, the Additional Benefits).   

Supie+ Membership Annual Term: Supie+ Membership is an annual commitment. If you elect to register as a Supie+ Member, and pay the Supie+ Membership Fee, you will be a Supie+ Member for a period of 52 weeks (Annual Membership Period). You must pay the Supie+ Membership Fee upfront or, if applicable, in accordance with any other payment options published on our website at the time you become a Supie+ Member or renew your Supie+ Membership. If you are paying in instalments, you must pay in equal instalments by direct debit on your nominated credit card. Your first payment is due when you complete your Supie+ Membership registration.

Foundation Membership:  You can register for Foundation Membership by following the directions on our website and paying the annual fee for a Foundation Membership (Foundation Membership Fee) published on our website.  Foundation Members receive:

• the Supie+ Membership Benefits;

• the Additional Benefits;

• a one-off “Welcome to Supie” box of products (while stocks last); and

• early access to the Supie website.

Foundation Membership Term: Foundation Membership covers a period of three years from 1 June 2021 to 31 May 2024 (Foundation Term). You must pay the Foundation Membership Fee upfront.  Your payment is due when you complete your Foundation Membership registration.

Additional terms – Supie+ Membership and Foundation Membership

Membership Fees:  The Supie+ Membership Fee and Foundation Membership Fee (Membership Fees) will be published on our website and are subject to change from time to time.  Any changes to the Membership Fees will not apply to the then-current term of a Supie+ or Foundation Membership.  The Membership Fee payable for Supie+ Membership upon renewal will be the Membership Fee advertised on our website at the time of renewal.  If you are a Supie+ Member, we will update you directly if the Membership Fee changes and the current annual Membership Fee will always be easily accessible on our website. 

Failed payment: If the payment for your Membership Fee fails at any time, we reserve the right to cancel your Membership.  You will be able to enrol for a Supie+ Membership again, however you will need to commit to a new Supie+ Membership.

Supie Credits: As a Supie+ Member or Foundation Member, you may be eligible to receive Supie Credits on your orders.  Please contact Supie if you would like further details on how the Supie Credits are calculated.  Supie Credits will be added to your Membership account on a quarterly basis (at a minimum) and can be used to donate to people in need or used towards your orders on Supie.

Renewal of Supie+ Membership: You can choose to ‘opt-in’ to an annual auto-renewal of your Supie+ Membership when you register to be a Supie+ Member.  You can ‘turn off’ your annual auto-renew function at any time by contacting us.  At the end of your Annual Membership Period (and at the end of each renewal of your Supie+ Membership), your Supie+ Membership will automatically:

• renew for a new Supie+ Membership, if you have ‘opted-in’ to auto-renewal – we will send you reminders before the renewal date; or

• expire, if you have not opted-in to auto-renewal.

Non-renewal of Foundation Membership: You cannot renew your Foundation Membership.  However, you can choose to register for a Supie or Supie+ Membership at the end of the Foundation Term.

• Cancellation: You may cancel your Supie Membership if you change your mind.  You cannot cancel your Supie+ Membership or your Foundation Membership if you change your mind within the applicable Annual Membership Period or Foundation Term.  Subject to section 5, your Membership Fees cannot be refunded (unless required by law), redeemed for cash or be transferred to another person upon cancellation.

Other terms

Revocation of Membership: If a Membership is used by a person who is not the person named on the issued Membership, Supie may revoke the Membership for the remainder of the term of that Membership.  If you provide false information in connection with the purchase of any Membership or product offered by Supie, Supie may at any time without notice revoke any or all Memberships acquired by, or on behalf of, the person who provided that false information or the person to whom that false information relates.

Addresses and use of your Membership: To receive any orders, your nominated delivery address associated with your Membership must be within the Supie delivery zone (as published on the Supie website).  If a suburb is listed as available for delivery on the Supie website, this does not imply that we will deliver to all addresses within that suburb. Each Membership can be used for one delivery address.  Subject to our requirements for fair use in section 1.4, you can change your nominated delivery address by amending the details of your Membership.  You must not share your Membership with any other person outside your household or office.


We may update or replace these Membership Terms at any time by publishing an updated version on our website. We may also contact you directly.  Every time you renew (including auto-renew) your Membership, please check these Membership Terms and the Membership Fee to ensure you understand the terms that apply at that time.  If you are a current Supie, Supie+ or Foundation Member, and we notify you of a change to these Membership Terms that may be materially adverse to you, you will have the right to cancel your annual Supie, Supie+ or Foundation Membership by notifying us within two weeks of notice of the relevant change.  We will notify you if you have a right to a refund, in accordance with applicable laws, in this context.